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Domestic hot water boiler
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NPH6-V7-S, NP6-V7-S

ES Energy Save Nordic Plus V7 NPH hybrid air-to-water heat pump 6 kW

General information

Converts energy from the outdoor air to heating, cooling and domestic hot water.
By utilising the energy from outdoor air, you can reduce your energy bills in an eco-friendly way and at the same time creating the perfect level of comfort for your home. NPH V7 is designed to replace or supplement an existing heat source or for new installations. The indoor unit has a stylish design to fit into a modern home. All refrigerant and electric connections on upper side and water connections on the underside.
Designed to provide maximum energy savings and quiet operation
By using components from leading suppliers (see table below) and smart control, great energy savings and quiet operation are made possible. All NPH-V7 series are rated A++/+++.
Designed for a Nordic climate
NPH V7 is a split system which means that the heat exchange with the buildings heating system takes place indoors and only the refrigerant circulates outdoors. This is an effective and reliable solution in a cold climate. The automatic and self-learning defrost function, combined with the nano-coated evaporator, reduces defrosting time to a minimum and increases the efficiency.

Control your heating system
NPH V7 can be controlled locally or remotely thru smartphone or computer. Make all the necessary settings for an efficient, trouble-free operation with the new user-friendly touch display. Even when you are not at home you have full control of your heating system thru your smartphone or computer.

Two zone heating and cooling curves
NPH V7 uses a variable water temperature setting (heat curve) to provide a constant indoor temperature, regardless of the outdoor temperature. When the outdoor temperature drops, the heat pump raises the temperature of the water to the heating system and vice versa when the outdoor temperature rises. This functionality is also available for cooling operation. Different heating systems require different temperatures, like floor heating and radiators.
The NPH V7 have the possibility to set two separate heating curves if you have combination of high and low temperature heating system or different temperature zones in your home. The heating curve can operate up to 75 degrees set temperature (requires additional high temperature source).

Upgrade your system with NPH V7
All, correct dimensioned, heat pump systems need back-up during the coldest days. NPH V7 is designed to operate in hybrid systems, together with all kinds of heating systems. If your existing boiler works – keep it as back-up.

Technical specifications

Min/max heating capacity (1) 2,19/6,21 kW
El. heating power input min/max (1) 540/1530 W
C.O.P min/max (1) 4,05/5,87 W
Min/max heating capacity (2) 2,05/5,80 kW
El. heating power input min/max (2) 640/1810 W
C.O.P min/max (2) 3,22/4,12 W
SCOP - Average climate, low temperature 4, 47 W
Energy class A + + +
Defrost upon demand Yes
Heating cable for defrosting Yes
Compressor pre-heat Yes
Electronic expansion valve Yes
ErP approved circulation pump Yes, Grundfos
Compressor Mitsubishi
Manufacturer Nidec
Quantity 1 pc
Airflow 2700 m3/h
Rated power 65 W
Sound pressure level
Indoor 46 dB(A)
Outdoor 57 dB(A)
Plate heat exchanger
Manufacturer SWEP
Water press. drop 20 kPa
Piping connection G1 (Inch)
Minimum water flow 0,9 m3/h
Residual current device and overvoltage protection Required
Power supply, grounded 400V/3PH/50Hz/16A/C või 230V/3PH/50Hz/25A/C
Refrigerant R410a
Dimensions (L x D x H)
Outdoor unit 920 x 353 x 730 mm
Indoor unit 410 x 270 x 750 mm
Net weight
Outdoor unit 52,6 kg
Indoor unit 30 kg
Article number indoor/outdoor 120270/120273
(1) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 30 °C/35°C, Ambient temperature: DB 7 °C /WB 6 °C
(2) Heating condition: water inlet/outlet temperature: 40°C/45°C, Ambient temperature: DB 7 °C /WB 6 °C

Price: 2,861.00 € (VAT will be added to the price)

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