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Domestic hot water boiler
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ES air-to-water heat pump models AWH V5 +
ES NordFlex module
ES HeatStarDX Solutions
Tanks, boilers
Frames, support materials


ES NordFlex Control module for cascade control of up to seven (7) heat pumps up to a total output of 140 kW.

General information

ES NordFlex is a heat pump system developed by Swedish engineers for maximum energy efficiency. It is a complete solution for heating, cooling and tap water production. It is equally well suited for retrofitting an existing heating system as well as for new installations.

NordFlex is designed for small and medium-sized commercial buildings. This ensures you, as the property owner, are monitoring and controlling the indoor climate of the building. It also gives you full remote control of your heating system via browser or smartphone, even when you're not in the building.

NordFlex allows you to build a customized heating system with heat pumps that will make your building more energy efficient. The system can be used in combination with other additional heat sources such as electricity, fuel oil, wood, pellets or district heating.

You get up to 140 kW of modern, reliable heating and cooling and tap water. NordFlex is easy to install. Thanks to the modular concept of heat pumps, NordFlex is able to meet all your needs. If needed, it can be upgraded after installation.

Examples of energy savings from retrofitting of an existing heating system
NordFlex is designed to meet your needs and generates heat with less power consumption. Your previous heating system works as an auxiliary heating on the coldest days of the year.
The original or additional heat source in the new modernized heating system will only be used to meet peak demand.
The system is modular and tailored to actual needs. If needed, it can be upgraded after installation.

Price: 3,650.00 € (VAT will be added to the price)

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  ES pistikmoodulid NordFlex ja HeatStarDX - est - 2020 - Energy Save

  ES Datablad AWH V5+ 20 kW-ENG-200117-01